Midnight Basketball      

                                               By: Ken Striggles

                                           12th Grade Health class



The neighbor hood police have been meeting with school officials complaining of mischievous behavior late at night. The police think that the students are from your local high school.. In health class we learned about violence in school and in the neighborhood. We also learned about conflict resolution. As a class you decided that midnight basketball on Friday and Saturday nights will be a way to deter violence in the neighborhood . It is your job to create the midnight basketball activity in the community.



The task is to design the midnight basketball activity. The class is going to divide into 5 groups of 5. Each person in the group is going to have a role in the group . There are five mandatory roles and thy are

These are the required roles but some can have two roles for example you could have the equipment manager over  entertainment , concessions , etc. Be creative make up roles you think would work just get them approved by the teacher.  Midnight basketball must be a fun activity to get a high turn out of students and hopefully reduce the risky behavior in the community. At the end the class will vote on the best idea and we will begin with the midnight basketball activity.



Each role would have to take several items into consideration .

Equipment Manager ( Issue, pick up , set up & take care of equipment) 

First Aid Team( Treat minor injuries, assisting in prevention)

Security Team( assist teachers, keep an eye on crowd)

Activity Coordinator( create and run activities)

PR & Advertisement( advertisement, create flyers, make announcements)

These are just an outline of things you must plan for be creative and take every aspect into consideration. Also you must use three websites to get additional information. Look at these sites for starters.

Additional Resources:

You want to use as many resources as you can to make your midnight basketball design creative and fun . You may want to interview physical education teachers, nurses, local police, security guards, media specialist, and college equipment managers or relevant professionals in your area. You also should use search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Ask Jeeves for information. Make sure the information is approved by the teacher.


Rough Draft                                                                                                  10 pts

Final draft   (organization                                                                        40pts

neatness, grammar , necessary information)                                  

Include 3 websites                                                                                        20pts

Presentation of design                                                                               10 pts

Group Participation                                                                                    10 pts



After planning the midnight basketball activity do you feel that this will be a effective way to get students off of the streets and into a structured environment?  What are some items you forgot to take into consideration? What are some other methods in decreasing violence in the community and the school.? With each role what is involved in planning out the activity?