It's an Emergency
Linsey Shoppe
9th Grade


You are sitting at the cafeteria table with a group of friends eating lunch just like any other day at school.  All of the sudden your best friend starts to choke on a chip.  He or she can't stop coughing, their face is turning red, and they can't breath.  What can you do?  How can you help in emergency situations like this one?

The Task:

You are going to be assigned a group to find out information on a certain emergency response acts and how to respond in an emergency.  You will look up information on the internet, through notes from class, and books in the library. You will then present it with your group to the class.  You will not just do a presentation but teach it as well.  Everyone in the group should be prepared to teach a smaller group of class mates.

The Process/Resources:

Different Topics- CPR for children, CPR for adults, Heimlich Maneuver for infants, Heimlich Maneuver for adults, and finding a pulse.

In your group you will need to do the following:

1) Research your topic.

        Helpful websites-









2)  Find and learn the correct ways to perform your topic.

3)  Make a poster to be placed in the room to remind everyone of the correct steps in case of an emergency.

4) Make a copy for everyone to put in there folders

5)  Everyone in the group should be able to teach it to the class.


Your teacher will grade you on the following-

    Knowledge on Topic                        25pts

    Performance/Presentation                 25pts 

    Poster/Copies for class                      15pts

    Research                                          20pts 

    Group Cooperation                           15pts

    Total                                                100pts.


Through this web quest you and your group members should all be able to find a pulse, perform CPR on adults and children, and perform the Heimlich maneuver on infants and adults.  You also should know what circumstances call for what type of response.  All this information is important and should be something that you continue to refresh on in your life.  Now, you should feel as though you could help out your best friend who is choking at the lunch table.