11th Grade HPE curriculum

by Brian Kassa



    A new school is about to be built to accommodate the citizens of a newly constructed housing development.  The school board decided that they are going to give students the opportunity to decide which programs they would like to incorporate in their classes.  In this project you, the student, will research and decide on 5 activities you would like to learn in  physical education and 5 topics in your health class. You will have to decide what equipment you will need for the teacher to teach these lessons, what facilities will be needed, and how this will fit into the QCC standards that physical education teachers must abide by.



    The task of planning and organizing a physical education curriculum is large and involved.  After logging your choices for your physical education and health curriculum and inputting your information in the spreadsheet you will be able to use the information to assess the level of interest among your peers, how it relates to QCC standards, and what kind of equipment or information is used for each activity .  This assessment will also help school board members to understand what students' current interests are.



This project will be an individual project.  You will be given one month from the assigned date to complete this project.  This work will be completed outside of class and turned in on the appropriate date. You will need access to a computer with internet connections as well as the ability to create a spreadsheet and graphs in Microsoft Excel.

1.  In a spread sheet format, list all the activities you would like to see incorporated in your health and physical education curriculum. This will include any sport, game, and outdoor adventure activities for the physical education portion, and any health related subjects you feel high school students should be educated on in health lessons.  Then you will take this information and go to the spread sheet and fill in the information boxes.  You will interview 25 peers and have them decide on a number of importance each lesson has to them. For example, if they felt like your suggested golf lesson was of little importance, they would give it a low number like 1 or 2 but if they did favor it, they would give it a 9 or 10.   You will take the scores and come up with an average number of importance for each lesson and activity.

2.   What is sports would you like to play? (i.e. tennis, football, etc)

3.   Which games are you interested in? (i.e. dodge ball, scooter races, etc)

4.   What QCC standards does this activity meet?

5.   What kind of equipment will be needed for this lesson? (i.e. tennis racquets)

6.   Why facilities are needed for the lesson? (i.e. baseball field)

7.   The rating of importance your fellow students found in the lessons you choose.

8.   Based on the websites you visited, what lessons might not be a good idea to incorporate into your schools curriculum?

9.   Based on the information presented in the QCC standards, which lessons you've chosen, don't meet the requirements?

10. How many weeks should be spent on each lesson?

11. During which season of the school year should these lessons be presented?

12. After completing the evaluation, what could you do to change the level of interest in your least popular activities?

13. After completing the spread sheet and graphs print a copy of your results.  From these results, you will be able to answer the above questions.  Turn in a copy of your reports along with answers to the questions.



The list of the following links offers possible resources for you to consider in completing this web quest.  You may use any of these as well as related resources of your choice.  Be sure to list the complete web address(s) and reference material you found on your own.











Your final project grade will be based on the following components:
        1)      Your constructive use of materials/websites to
              accomplish the assigned tasks.
        2)    Your spreadsheets, charts, graphs and comparison of
              your results of popular/least popular lesson ideas. 
3) Your answers to the related questions.



Through this activity you will be able to determine which lessons should be included in the school's HPE curriculum.  The level of interest your peers find in each lesson is valuable to the success of the program.  You will also see that some students enjoy certain activities more then others.  You may also notice that students from other cultures may not be familiar with the ones you have listed.  It might be a good idea to include lessons of HPE programs of other countries as well.  After completing these charts of information, you will be able to design a physical education class that will appeal to the majority of students and encourage participation and enjoyment.