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IEP Admission

Applying to the IEP

  • Applicants should have a basic knowledge of English before submitting a complete and signed application to the IEP
  • Applicants must have graduated from high school (copy of high school diploma in English; university transcripts also accepted)
  • Copies of applicable immigration or visa documents must be included
  • $125 non-refundable application fee (+$60.00 international express mailing fee) must be submitted
  • Admission to the IEP is not the same admission to Georgia State University. Academic admission requires a direct, separate application to Georgia State University's Office of Admission
  • GSU offers conditional admission to undergraduate students who meet all academic requirements (except English proficiency)
  • Early enrollment is advised



 Applying for: Application Deadline*:
 2014 Summer (May - July)      April 4, 2014    
2014 Fall (August - December)       July 11, 2014
 2015 Spring (January - April) November 298 2014 



*Important information for F-1 students: Visa processing times vary from country to country, so we recommend applying as early as possible so you will have enough time to receive your visa.

If you are a resident or transferring from another program, the deadline is extended one week.

Transferring to Another School, Extending I-20, Early Registration

If you (1) enter the USA with an 1-20 from the Intensive English Program at Georgia State University; (2) transfer from another school/program and receive an I-20 from the IEP at GSU; (3) extend your GSU IEP I-20; or (4) early register for IEP classes and then decide to withdraw, there is a $600.00 administrative withdrawal fee.

Readmission Policy

Readmission for former students is handled on a case-by-case basis.  Students must consult with the IEP prior to submitting a request for readmission.  A reprocessing fee will be charged.














 "The IEP office is really doing a good job for the international students to improve and build their English skills."

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