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Financial Documents

If you have or need an F-1 international student visa, you must provide proof of adequate financial support in your application packet to receive an I-20 from the IEP. The requirements are found on the Financial Statement and the Affidavit of Support section of the IEP application.

Important information for students who have or need an F-1 visa: You need an I-20 from the IEP. To receive an I-20, you must have a minimum of $21,932* available for 9 months of estimated educational and living expenses in the U.S. Please refer to the application for more important details regarding the following:

  1. a completed financial statement (on application) showing a minimum of $21,932
  2. two sets of original* financial documents showing a minimum of $21,932
  3. a completed and signed affidavit of support (if required)

*This amount is for the program year 2013-14. Contact the IEP for the most updated information.