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From IEP to GSU

From IEP to Georgia State University

Many IEP students enter university undergraduate degree programs while they are finishing IEP courses. These students are called bridge students. To become a bridge student, you can demonstrate language proficiency by:

  1. completing most of the IEP classes at Level 5,* and/or
  2. scoring well on the GSTEP (Georgia State Testing of English Proficiency exam).


Bridge Student Eligibility:

  1. Apply to Undergraduate Admissions at Georgia State and meet all requirements for entry (except language proficiency).
  2. Complete all Level 4 courses in the IEP a semester or more prior to Georgia State entry. *
  3. Complete at least 9 hours at Level 5:
    • Structure and Composition (6 course hours)
    • Academic Writing (3 course hours)
    • Reading/Listening (3 course hours)
    • Extensive Reading (3 course hours)
    • Oral Communication (3 course hours)
  1. Be exempt from at least 9 hours based on your GSTEP results.
  2. Receive permission to take Georgia State courses from the Admissions Office.
  3. Register for classes in the IEP and at Georgia State.

* Important: A student must receive a "C-" or better in all courses the semester before entering Georgia State University.