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Housing is available for students in residence hall, apartments, and homestays. Most have access to Georgia State by MARTA, the local bus and train system. IEP students are responsible for finding their own housing prior to the start of classes.


On Campus Housing

You have several on-campus options for housing at Georgia State. Both are close to campus, although there are also shuttles that run between the residence halls and central campus.

The University Commons is a 4.2-acre complex of four apartment buildings ranging from 8 to 15 stories, around a large landscaped courtyard. Just blocks from classrooms, the Student Center and the Rec Center, the University Commons houses 2,000 students in two- and four-bedroom apartments.

The University Lofts offer urban living to all kinds of students. These apartments are located in the center of campus near Alumni Hall.

Piedmont North offers a traditonal hall lifestyle with all the amenties one would expect from a premier housing program with the option of living in single, double, or triple occupancy rooms.

Refer to the website for the current rates. Residence hall space is limited, so please apply early (a separate application is required). Students who begin in fall semester when demand is greatest should apply as early as possible.

Apartments & Finding Roommates

There are many apartments through the city that are affordable and close to MARTA (estimated rent: $500-800 per month).  You can search Georgia State University’s Off-Campus Housing site to look for an apartment or roommate. If you want an apartment but do not want to arrive in Atlanta without one ready, you can choose to live with a family through on the homestay options available in the city.  


Independent companies in Atlanta place students in private family residences. This can be a wonderful opportunity to practice English and learn about American culture.  However, the IEP is not officially affiliated with any single company in the Atlanta area.


Georgia State has a list of students looking for roommates (see website on off-campus housing). In addition, there are advertisements placed in local newspapers of people looking for roommates.