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Program Information

The IEP at Georgia State University is also known as an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program. This means that course content, activities and assignments are designed to prepare you as quickly as possible for the language demands of university work. If you’re placed at the intermediate to advanced levels, you’ll read, discuss and write about topics from academic courses. At the beginning and low-intermediate levels, you’ll focus on primary language skills. You are expected to attend class, do homework and take tests, just as you will be expected to do in a university.

            Level                                              Ability                     
            Level 1         High-beginning     
            Level 2         Low Intermediate
            Level 3              Intermediate
            Level 4         High Intermediate
            Level 5                              Advanced

Course Grading
In order to pass each course and advance to the next level , students must meet the learning outcomes at 70% proficiency to earn grades of C- or above.

Grades in the IEP courses have the following meanings:

A+, A, A- = superior work, advance to the next level

B+, B, B- = above average work: advance to the next level

C+, C, C- = average work: advance to the next level

D = unsatisfactory work: must repeat the course*         

F  = unsatisfactory effort and work: must repeat the course*                                               

W or WF = withdrawal from the course: must repeat the course*

*Students will be placed on Scholastic Warning; if student does not receive a "C-" (70%) or better after repeating the course, he/she will be placed on Scholastic Suspension and will not be able to take IEP classes for one semester.  


A+ (98-100%)  
A (93-97%)  
A- (90-92%)  
B+   (88-89%)
B (83-87%) 
B- (80-82%)
C+   (78-79%)   
C (73-77%)
C-    (70-72%) 
D     (60-69%)  
F   (0-59%)