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Taken from Mission Statement 6-30-03

Having accurate and useful data easily accessible to all in the University community is crucial to maintaining a culture of open information sources and evidence-based decision-making and strategic planning. Unfortunately, the relevant aggregated data have not always been either accurate or easily available, nor have there been systematic discussions regarding its use for decision making, approaches to its analysis, nor understanding of the limitations of the data. The goals of the Data Management Project are the following:

1. To identify and understand the characteristics and limitations of, the types of data and information available or needed by institutional users at different levels of the University, particularly information related to students, faculty, departments, colleges and related-units

2. To ensure the standardization and quality of data aggregated from multiple sources within the University;

3. To create and/or maintain dynamic public databases that can be queried in multiple ways to provide relevant and timely information to campus decision-makers who may be addressing questions from very different perspectives;

4. To provide recommendations regarding appropriate policy and procedures for such data’s use in decision making, including detailing the limitations of the data and of various approaches to analyzing the data.

These data will be used for a variety of purposes including institutional reports (e.g., to the Board of Regents, SACS, NSF, NIH, professional accreditation agencies) and Academic Program Review, as well as by a variety of users (e.g., department chairs and deans’ offices). The data will be presented in aggregate and are not intended to allow easy identification of individuals, therefore ensuring appropriate controls for confidentiality as required by FERPA, personnel policy, etc.