Survey Approval Process


Survey approval is needed for all surveys to be administered at Georgia State University except for the following:

  1. a. Surveys administered to fewer than 250 students, 50 faculty, or 50 staff.
  2. b. Any course-related surveys of students for the sole purpose of providing feedback to individual instructors
  3. c. Direct university customer survey forms where you are asking questions of specific customers about the services you have provided or will provide to them. e.g.,
    1. Point-of-service survey cards
    2. Training or workshop evaluation forms
    3. Direct customer immediate post-service follow-up
  4. d. Surveys of unit customers outside the university. e.g.,
    1. University Police surveying surrounding businesses
    2. Career Services surveying employers of students
    e. Convenience surveys where individuals are not asked directly to participate. e.g.,
    1. Web page surveys ["Would you like to comment on this web page?"]
    2. "Person-on-the-street" surveys
    f. Surveys that students take by self-selecting or for a course requirement


The Survey Approval Form and the Survey Instrument will be submitted to the Survey Coordinating Committee by the 1st of each month. Committee decisions will be communicated to applicants by the 15th of each month.


The following factors will be considered in the approval and scheduling process:

  • a. The schedule of surveys already being administered;
  • b. The number of surveys already approved for the target population in an academic year; and
  • c. The Survey Coordinating Committee's recommendation based on the Survey Ratings Criteria.


Approved surveys will include the following notice:

This survey has been approved for administration by the Survey Coordinating Committee. This approval in no way implies responsibility for the content of the survey instrument.

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Revised 1/19/06

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