What Can the Office of Institutional Research Do for You?

The work of the Office of Institutional Research is guided by the following mission statement:

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to facilitate the collection, analysis, and interpretation of institutional data and the timely distribution of information to its clients, including academic and administrative decision makers, faculty committees, students and users outside the University. Information provided by this office supports institutional management, planning, and decision-making. The Office carries out routine and ad hoc reporting and analyses; provides information and analyses in support of institutional effectiveness; informs the ongoing development of the Decision Support System; and assists in the identification and resolution of data quality issues. An integral part of this mission is to be customer focused, to be forward thinking, to anticipate informational needs, and to keep abreast of local and national educational issues.

Much of our work is determined by regularly scheduled, ongoing data collection and analyses including reports for the Board of Regents; surveys for national organizations (e.g., the National Study of Student Engagement, US News & World Report, the Cooperative Institutional Research Program); and supporting documentation for University planning and decision-making processes such as Academic Program Review.

When needed data are not publicly available (e.g., on StatWare), OIR can also produce ad hoc reports tailored to clients' information needs. Because of the nature of our work, we cannot do analyses for clients who are pursuing individual projects that do not have institution-wide benefits (e.g., a faculty member's publication). We can sometimes provide data for these projects, depending on the nature of the request. However, the allocation of OIR's limited resources to the University's priorities will limit the ability of the office to satisfy ad hoc requests.

When you make an ad hoc request of an OIR researcher, you will be asked to submit your request using the form found at: http://elisten.gsu.edu/elisten/surveys/ad_hoc_data_request/ad_hoc_data_request.html


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