Recognizing Outstanding Contributions to Instructional Technology on the World Wide Web

2000 InTRO Award Winners

1999 InTRO Award Winners
998 InTRO Award Winners
1997 InTRO Award Winners
1996 InTRO Award Winners

Selection Process
The Annual InTRO Awards are selected by a vote of the Editors of Instructional Technology Research Online. The candidates were selected primarily, but not exclusively, from sites that appeared in the Links Section of InTRO as of July 1, 1998. The InTRO Awards are solely the responsibility of the InTRO Editors and are not endorsed by, and do not represent the opinions of, any university, association, or organization. 

Selection Criteria
The InTRO Awards were selected based on the following five criteria:

  • Contributions of the site to the field of Instructional Technology
  • Professional aesthetic quality and general appearance of the site
  • Amount of information available at the site
  • Extent to which the site makes effective use of the Web's capabilities
  • Overall quality of the site compared to other sites in its category