This section is intended to provide readers with a repository of diverse opinions about different books and other publications in and tangential to the field of Instructional Technology. All readers are invited to submit book reviews to InTRO. We strongly encourage faculty members who require students to review books for their classes to consider having their students write the book reviews for InTRO as well. It is the desire of InTRO to gather as many reviews of books and literature as possible to establish, ultimately, an exhaustive source for both practitioners looking for further information about books and literature in the field, and for faculty members looking for more information on possible text books for adoption.

Book Reviews are organized as follows:

Contribution Guidelines
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Current Contributions
The current list of InTRO book reviews deals primarily with the issue of User Interface Design as it applies to the design and development o f computer-based learning environments. This group of reviews were written in conjunction with a graduate class in User Interface Design at Northern Illinois University.