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Marc Rosenberg ATT January, 1996
"The lesson for us is, I believe, to lay off some of the jargon and mystery of our field and to be ready to integrate our ideas onto existing structures rather than overwhelming the business with entirely new, and in some ways equally bad ways of doing things."

Lloyd Rieber Univ. of Georgia February, 1996
"Don't underestimate the value of your own experiences in instructional technology. I've noticed a tendency for people (including myself) to figure if they've done it, it must not be important! ... I find it wonderfully ironic that ithas taken me 15 years to come to the important conclusion that we, as a field, need to "seriously consider play!"

Michael Molenda Indiana Univ. May, 1996
"We need objective, hard-nosed inquiry related to systemic change in education. We have more than enough theorizing and rhetoric. The same is true for "constructivist learning environments."

Jim Laffey Univ. of Missouri-Columbia June, 1996
"Technology will definitely change the kids, but I'm not sure that it will change the "average" school very much. I'm not sure I want the average k-12 school to actually survive the next 10 years."

Daniel Chandler Univ. of Wales, Aberystwyth December, 1996
"I would hope that semiotics, together with an awareness of the dimensions of technological determinism, would also help us to explore the non-neutrality of media, a matter which, in my opinion, ought to be of major concern to instructional technologists."

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