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Johannes Cronje Univ. of Pretoria February, 1997
"I seem to think that, given the speed at which technology advances, books are out of date. I would suggest to would-be researchers that they spend their time with their noses in recent journals, ETR&D, Educational Technology and, of course, ITforum."

Stephen T. Kerr Univ. of Washington February, 1997
"it seems to me that teaching is at once messy (too complicated for us to really "measure" at this point, maybe ever), and also more properly concerned not with mastering information or even learning skills but rather with ethical ways of being and doing."

Brent Wilson Univ. of Colorado at Denver July, 1997
"I have decided our field suffers from a "designer bias." We want to believe we're in control. We like the idea of having the solution, being able to come up with the answer that will help people. All they have to do is listen to us and do what we say. Sorry to say, that's a big illusion.."

Ann E. Barron Univ. of South Florida August, 1997
" All areas of education (K-12, higher education, industry) are being propelled into distance learning with the Web, satellite, videoconferencing, and other technologies. There is very little research and very few guidelines to help teachers and trainers design and deliver effective instruction with these new paradigms. "

Kyle Peck Penn State University September, 1997
"I believe that new roles for teacher, student and technology will be concurrently redefined -- that is, we'll start by figuring out what the students should be doing, and at the same time we'll redefine what teachers and technologies haveto do to support students in this new role."

Denis Hlynka Univ. of Manitoba October, 1997
" We are rushing to network all the schools and classrooms. But we really haven't figured out what we are going to do next. And in the meantime we are losing our ties with the past, with our cultures, with history. And we are making the same mistakes all over again.."

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