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Dr. Robin Mason  Open University January, 1998
By far the hardest problems are cultural. In a sense, I don't think they will be overcome - there will merely be affordances (I think that is the trendy word at the moment). By this I mean that in time (when global courses become more commonplace) we will all come to see the cultural issues differently. 

Dr. Murray Turoff  NJIT February, 1998
In the real world it is difficult to get the resources to do the requirements development and design the right way. In this situation the designer is faced with using a lot of his intuition and awareness of what is going on with the efforts at the forefront of the particular or related application areas. 
Dr. Rita Richey  Wayne State University July, 1998
There are some domains of the field that have almost no research. We talk a lot, but there's little research. When's the last time you read a research report on evaluation? On management issues? On policy formation in the field? When's the last time you saw systematic replication research conducted and reported in the literature?


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