Forgive me if I am asking a very basic question (it's been some years since I have read closely the literature on caring). As I recall Noddings' work, she writes primarily of individual teacher-student caring relations, though I know her writing is intended to have implications for school and classroom communities. What I wonder is how caring as conceptualized in pedagogical relations moves beyond the teacher-student dyad to be enacted in larger groups. -S.T.

Collin Responds:
Noddings' work, as you point out, is primarily conceptualised and enacted within a framework of the teacher-student dyad. I think she is seeking to develop the notion that caring relations need to be conducted on the basis of particularities of relations. Ironically, she operationalises her definitions of caring along generalised and essentialised gender boundaries, negating her desire to particularise caring relations. Her more recent work sets out more generalities on how, for example, curriculum can be organised around themes of caring.