I am unable to understand why the changes in post-secondary institutions must be driven by Georgia's school systems. Is it not possible to have a mutual driving force behind the need for reform? I think this mutuality is necessary if we (meaning all stakeholders) are to have a proactive disposition to co-reform. Otherwise those outside of the school systems remain merely as reactors to what is perceived as "necessary" in schools, and school systems themselves develop a "we have the whole truth" syndrome, antithetical to the philosophy of co-reform. -C.G.

Laura Responds:
In suggesting changes in post-secondary institutions be driven by changes needed in Georgia's school systems, I am not suggesting that only personnel in Georgia's school systems decide what changes are needed. I think determining the necessary changes must be a joint effort; however, once the necessary changes are identified, post-secondary institutions must honor these needs in preparing pre- and in-service teachers.