Tips for Reading This Document

As we were writing this paper on co-reform, the authors frequently found that the expression of our various views on the topic led to intense discussion of surrounding issue. We have attempted to capture some of the flavor of that discussion here, using one of the unique properties of the World Wide Web as a publishing medium.

As you read the paper, you will occasionally come across underlined, blue text. This formatting indicates that the text is hyperlinked to some other document or reference within a document. One type of hyperlinked text you will find will be the initials of one of the authors. This indicates that that author has a comment at that point. When you click on the initials, the comment and any response will appear in this window. This linking allows you to experience some of the kind of discussion that went on during the authoring of the paper, without disrupting your reading of the paper unnecessarily. You may send an email message to any of the authors by clicking on his or her name in the title.