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About This Project

Our goal in this project was to collect the history of Kirkwood that has yet to be written down. We have systematically interviewed a cross-section of past and present Kirkwood residents, recording their memories on both audiotape and videotape. Through these interviews, we hope that we have captured a broad range of perspectives on Kirkwood's history, from people who grew up Kirkwood in the 1950s to people who have just recently moved into Kirkwood. We have also gathered a comprehensive collection of documents that reference Kirkwood. Most of these documents are available in digitized versions on this website. Through this project we hope to document the history of an important example of urban neighborhood change and make that history available and accessible to Kirkwood, Atlanta, and Georgia residents today.

Many people donated their time and energy to this project, including: Cheryl Cowherd, Ray McGrath, Lesley Reid, Rosa Holmes, Rita Awan, Chad Hoge, Leslie Martin, and Joe Alcock.

We sincerely thank the Georgia Humanities Council for providing the funding to make this project possible.