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John Schmidman

Director of the Labor Studies Program since 1982, John has a Ph.D. in Industrial Relations from the University of Wisconsin and has been a full-time university labor educator since 1967. His research has focused on labor law and conflict resolution. He has also developed extensive teaching materials in grievance handling, persuasion, organizing, communication and strategic planning.

Assistant Director
Phillip LaPorte

Assistant Director of the Labor Studies Program since 1983, Phil came to Georgia State University from the University of Minnesota's Labor Education Service. He is a Mediator for BellSouth/CWA's grievance mediation program, is Program Chair for the Georgia Labor Management Conference, and facilitates the CDC/AFGE Labor-Management Partnership Council. He served as Chairman of the Atlanta Civil Service Board from 1987-1992. Phil holds a M. A. in Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota.

Senior Administrative Secretary
Lisa Page

Senior Administrative Secretary of the Labor Studies Program since March 1997, Lisa came to the Labor Studies Program from the College of Arts and Sciences at Georgia State University. She has been an employee of the university since 1989. Lisa is currently working towards a Bachelor's degree in Communication.

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