Q: What is Actuarial Student Association?

A: The Actuarial Student Association is an official Georgia State University student organization. We are devoted to providing our students with actuarial science-related information and finding employment, coordinating the job fair, and creating networking opportunities among students, faculty, and industry professionals.

Q: How can I become a member of the Actuarial Student Association?

A: You can send an email to the treasurer to state your interest and pay the $30 membership fee.


Q. Where can I find the information about Georgia State University Actuarial Science courses for Masters degree?

A: Click here for course information. Note: there are some courses which are offered once every year, please contact the Faculty Advisor for more detail.

Q: Where can I find the information about the actuarial science exams?

A: Visit Society of Actuaries, Casualty Actuarial Society, and Canadian Institute of Actuaries website