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Dr. Gladys M. Francis

Assistant Professor of French & Francophone Studies

Ph.D., Purdue University

Francis is a native of Guadeloupe, France.

Dr. Francis’ research involves Francophone and transnational studies, early modern travel literature, post/colonial and Diaspora studies, film studies, social and gender studies. Presently, Dr. Francis is finalizing a book on post-colonial Gabonese transgressional writing. She has published various articles and book chapters, most recently: Fonctions et enjeux de la danse et de la musique dans le texte Francophone créole (University of Nebraska Press); (Con)Text, Bodily Politics and Violences of the Cuban Female Body (Negritud Journal Revista de Estudios Afro-Latinoamericanos); Body(text), Music and Dance in Guadeloupe and Martinique: Negotiating the Double Bind of Dispossessed Origins and Becoming Other (University of Toronto Press); and Women’s Transgressional Writings in Gender and Body (Women’s Studies Routledge). She has forthcoming publications with l’Harmattan, Rodopi and the Publication of the Afro-Latin/American Research Association. Dr.
Francis has a record of presentations at numerous prominent national and international conferences dating back to 2000.

As a result of her innovative use of technology in her classrooms, she received a competitive international instructional grant of the amount of $35,000. Dr. Francis is the recipient of numerous faculty research grants, awards and fellowships. She received two Weber Chairs in the Humanities at Susquehanna University, the Juliette S. Benhamou Francophone Studies Fellowship at Purdue University for 2007-08 and the Outstanding Teaching Award at Purdue University in 2007 and 2008. In March 2005, Dr. Francis received the esteemed Paris Research Award at Purdue University; the Scholarship Award – Alsace Joint Curriculum, in the fall of 2005; and the Excellence Teaching Award in 2005 at Purdue University. In 2001, Dr. Francis received the Outstanding Work Award for her success in directing and coordinating the first collegiate exhibit of Caribbean performing arts and music and for her role as an activist, president and vice-president of the Créatik Association at the University of Schoelcher Martinique. That same year, she received a special recognition in teaching from the University of Santo Domingo. In 2000, Dr. Francis received the Excellent Award in Using Technology for Education, for her summer research and teaching projects in Guadeloupe, France. 

Dr. Francis maintains broad, international teaching experience in the field. She has directed and coordinated several Research field trips and long term study abroad programs in Africa, Europe and Guadeloupe around topics of migratory artifacts, Francophone and African literary and cultural productions, education, literacy, environmental and community activism. She engages her students in international research projects and collaborations with institutes based in Sub-Saharan Africa, the French West Indies, and France.

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