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Undergraduate Courses: Interdisciplinary Minor in Latin American Studies

The list of courses below are eligible to fulfill the specific requirements of the interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies. For a list of courses currently being offered, see the Schedule of Classes on GoSOLAR.

  • AH 4669/AH 6669 Pre-Columbian Art
  • AH 4660/AH 6660 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art in Latin America
  • AH 4665/AH 6665 Latin American Avant-Gardes of the 1920s
  • AH 4669/AH 6669 Art in Latin America I: 1900-1950
  • AH 4670/AH 6670 Art in Latin America II: 1950-2000
  • AH 4900/AH 6900 Special Studies Seminar
  • AH 4980/AH 6980 AH Special Problems in Art History
  • GEOG 4406/GEOG 6406 Advanced Regional Geography
  • HIST 3600/AAS 3600 The Caribbean World (Comparative Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Trinidad)
  • HIST 3620 Atlantic World
  • HIST 4745 Modern Cuba
  • POLS 4250 Latin American Politics
  • RELS 3200 Indigenous Religions of America
  • SPAN 3311 Latin American Culture and Civilization (In Spanish)
  • SPAN 3315 Survey of Latin American Literature (In Spanish)
  • SPAN 3395/ PSYC 4680 Study Abroad Program in Argentina- Human Rights in Argentina: From Dictatorship to Democracy (1976- Today)/ Special Topics in Psychology
  • SPAN 4454 Latin American Short Novel (In Spanish)
  • SPAN 4456 Latin American Short Story (In Spanish)
  • SPAN 4467 Survey of Latin American and Latino Cinema
  • SPAN 4468 Hispanic Caribbean Literature and Culture
  • SPAN 4469 Afro-Hispanic Literature and Culture
  • SPAN 4470/SPAN 8885 Special Topics in Latin American Literature (In Spanish)
  • SPAN 4480 Special Topics