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Graduate Assistantship Policy

Graduate students who are enrolled full time in the French or Spanish MA and receive assistantships will receive 2 years of support, pending budgetary constraints and provided students are in good academic standing and have received satisfactory performance evaluations.  Every funding package includes subsidized health insurance and a full waiver of tuition (which in 2010-11 was $3,600/semester for Georgia residents and $14,400/semester for out-of-state residents). Students must still pay fees, about $1,000/semester. We believe that offering funding to graduate students greatly improves the average academic ability of our graduate students and the social life of the Department. After 2 years, graduate students are not guaranteed support, but may receive an assistantship if one is available and if the budget allows.  Priority for assistantships will be given to students entering the MA program.

Application Process

Students will need to complete the online form for the Graduate Assistantship.  The form can be found on the MCL website under Employment Opportunities.  If applying for a teaching position please send your CV to .

Students who currently have an assistantship are required to apply for renewal each semester.  

*ALL new GTAs for our department are required to take the FORL 6128 Teaching Foreign Languages at the College Level.  It is only offered during the fall semester and can be taken while you are teaching.


The following stipends and appointments apply to Graduate Assistantships in the Department. 

  • GLAs earn a stipend of $1,000 per appointment per semester.  Each appointment entails 8 hours a week of work.  GLAs should speak with Trish Nolde ( regarding scheduling their hours in the LARC.
  • GTAAs earn a stipend of $2,000 per class which is considered one appointment.  They will either be assisting another professor or they will be teaching a lower division course under the direct supervision of the lower division coordinator for their language. They will not have direct access to class rolls, and they will teach under the chair’s name. 
  • GRAs are usually ½ appointments that are granted to students with a GLA or GTA appointment.  This pays $1,000 per ½ appointment per semester and involves working with a professor on their research.
  • GTABs earn a stipend of $2,600 per class and are board of regents approved.  This means that their name will appear next to their class on GoSolar and will be able to directly access rolls and input grades.