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Applying to the Program and Field Placements

Applying to the Teacher Education Program

  • Make a minimum grade of “C” in Essential Skills core and in EDUC 2110
  • Have a GPA of no less than 2.50 (includes all GSU and transfer credit)

Email a copy of the following to Deb Loden:

Submitting the Practicum, Student Teaching, and/or Internship Information Forms

All students who wish to take the FORL 4030 / 6030 Practicum, the FORL 4061, 4062, & 4063 Student Teaching and/or the FORL 4060 Internship must submit the below information form by February 1st for the fall semester & September 1st for the spring semester. Please be advised that failure to meet the above deadlines will postpone your Practicum, Student Teaching, and/or Internship to the following semester.