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College Level Examination Placement Information

This exam is administered by the Counseling and Testing Center at GSU, allows students to obtain up to, and no more than, 6 credit hours for the levels 2001 and 2002 in French, German and Spanish only. After taking the test, please allow for up 6 weeks before any credit will show up on our transcript.

If you are a senior planning on graduating within 2 semesters and intend to use foreign language credit obtained through by taking the CLEP Exam to fulfill your foreign language requirement for graduation, it is imperative that you take the test absolutely no later than the second-to-last semester of your studies at GSU in order to avoid potentially delaying your graduation!

For more information on the CLEP Exam, please visit Counseling and Testing Center's CLEP Exam page

You can register for the CLEP Exam by clicking on the link.