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Graduate Programs

Dr. Peter Swanson, Graduate Director

Master of Arts - French or Spanish

The French M.A. degree has three concentrations: 

  1. Literature & Culture, which emphasizes the advanced study in language, culture, and literature
  2. Applied Linguistics & Pedagogy, which includes courses of particular interest to foreign language teachers
  3. French Studies

The Spanish M.A. degree is a nonconcentration program.  

A variety of graduate seminars are offered in each language every semester.  Check the actual course listings for seminars through GoSolar.

Some courses recently taught by our faculty members (in their respective languages) include:

  • Sexuality / Family / Society in the Latin American Post-Boom Novel.
  • Le Nouveau Roman.
  • Trauma, Memory and Representation: The “Dirty War” (1976-83) in Argentine Literature, Cinema and the Arts.
  • On Mexican Identity.
  • Identity, Violence, and Inequality in Latin American Culture.
  • Francophone Literature.
  • Martial Masculinities: Manhood and Aggression in German Literature and Culture.
  • Sin and Sanctity in the Hispanic Golden Age.
  • The Truth About Fiction: Arthurian Literature and the Birth of the Novel.
  • French Autobiography.
  • Sacred Spaces: The Geography of Truth in Enlightenment and Romantic Literature.
  • Unstable Conditions: Transformation Early 20th Century German Literature.
  • Writing Space and Memory in 20th Century Spanish Novel.
  • Enlightement Civilization.
  • The Aesthetic Revolution in Early Modern Spain.
  • In Their Own Voice: Spanish Women Writers in the 20th Century.
  • Evolution or Revolution: From Enlightenment to Romanticism in Spain.
  • French Medieval Literature.
  • The Road to Modernity: Nineteenth Century Spanish Realism and Naturalism.
  • Teaching Reading in the Foreign Language Classroom.
  • Flaubert.
  • How We Learn a Language.
  • The Quijote as a Lesson in Metafiction.

The M.A. in French or Spanish is the right degree for you if:

  • You want to pursue a doctoral degree after completion of your M.A. studies.
  • You want to pursue or are already in the middle or high school career.
  • Are interested in teaching at the college level.
  • You are seeking personal enrichment through the advanced study of a foreign culture.

The M.A. can be taken together with the The M.A. can be taken together with the Teacher Certification , the Translation and Interpretation Certification, and/or the Latin American Studies Certification. These certification programs can be, and are often, taken as stand-alone degrees, unrelated to the M.A. program.

For more information about our MA programs please contact the Graduate Director, Dr. Peter Swanson