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For Graduating Students

Two Semesters Before Expected Graduation Date

  • Graduate students must apply to graduate two semesters in advance of the expected term of graduation. If you change your mind about the graduation date, you can always modify the date. However, if you fail to apply for graduation by the deadline you will not be able to graduate. Letting the Graduate School know you expect to graduate allows for your exit procedures (diploma, graduation ceremony, etc.) to be arranged; no deadlines will be waived, so notify them on time.  Graduation Application
  • If you have satisfied any non-course requirements such as research/foreign language requirements, etc., inform the Graduate Director as soon as possible so that she can let the Graduate Office know and Banner can be updated to reflect all changes.
  • Remind the Graduate Director of any waivers and/or substitutions of requirements or courses, so she can let the Graduate Office know; the final audit will reflect all changes and the process should go through smoothly.

The Semester Before Expected Graduation Date

M. A., Thesis or non-Thesis completion:

  • Oral/written M.A. exit exams: Given in the fall and spring semesters only. Inform the Graduate Director of your chosen areas for the oral and written exams no later than the first day of classes in the semester in which you wish to graduate. The Graduate Director will schedule the examination committees in your areas, and notify you of the exam dates in advance. The professors in your area will give you an idea of the general level of the exam, and will help you select readings if there are choices in the reading list. Do not hesitate to ask them, since they are the ones who best know their own areas.
  • Make sure all other requirements for certifications, joint degrees, substitution of requirements, courses, foreign language exam, etc. are completed, and that all the credits for the courses you have taken show up in the system. That will give you time to correct them in case of error.