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MCL Graduate Programs

I already began or completed an M.A. at another institution. Can I have my credits transferred?
No more than six (6) semester hours of graduate course work can be transferred from another college or university. Transfer of graduate credit is not automatic, and must be approved no later than the end of the second semester as a Full Graduate student. Please complete this form, and leave it in the Graduate Director's door together with the syllabi and coursepack of the courses you want to be credited for. Once signed, the form must be submitted to the Graduate Office.

Do I need health insurance as a graduate student?
All information regarding health insurance can be found here:

What is the 8999 Thesis research course? How is it different from the 8895 Research course?
The 8895 Research course is not part of the program, nor is there a grade, so it does not figure into the GPA. It enables TAs, GRAs and GLAs to construct a full schedule, as well as to work on their non-Thesis papers, the M.A. reading list, conferences, and other academic related activities. The 8999 Thesis research course carries credit hours and a grade, and must only be registered for when a student is writing a Thesis.

What is a Directed Readings course?
On occasion, students take courses individually under a professor's supervision on a commonly agreed topic. This possibility is given on a one-to-one case basis, and depends on the professor's availability.

Do I have to have a GSU e-mail address?
All GSU students are given a student e-mail account. The Graduate Director will send important notifications via GSU e-mail, and it is assumed that students will check their e-mail on a regular basis, as this is the fastest way to reach them. The GSU e-mail can be forwarded to other accounts under the “options - mailbox management” function. However, it is recommended for the GSU account to be checked directly, as once its quota has been exceeded the messages will bounce back. The Graduate Director is not responsible for the misuse or neglect of the GSU student e-mail.

When do the M.A. exit exams take place?
There is no set date. However, estimate dates are early November for the fall semester, and early April for the spring semester. The exam is not administered in the summer term.

Can I apply as a non-degree-seeking student? What are the advantages/disadvantages of that option?
The requisites and deadlines for applying as a non-degree-seeking students are posted at:
The status as a non-degree-seeking student does not improve the chances of re-application as a degree-seeking student at a later time. Should you want to pursue that venue, check the appropriate box in your application form. Applying as a non-degree seeking student gives you the opportunity of knowing the degree hands-on, should you not be sure of the career venue and whether an M.A. degree is right for you. You will not have to take the GRE or TOEFL exams, nor provide letters of recommendation or a writing sample.