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Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Leslie Marsh, Undergraduate Director

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers elementary and intermediate classes in the following languages (respective programs are given in parentheses): *)

Ancient Greek (BIS, Classical Studies) Korean (BIS, Asian Studies)
Chinese (BIS, Asian Studies)                 Latin (BIS / Minor)
French (BA / IEML / IBC / Minor)   Modern Greek             
German (BA / IEML / IBC / Minor Portuguese
Italian (BIS / Minor)                          Russian
Japanese  (BIS, Asian Studies / Minor)    Spanish (BA / IEML / IBC / Minor)                  

Other languages:
Arabic, Turkish and Hebrew are offered through the Middle East Institute.

*) Please note that due to necessary minimum enrollment policies it is possible that not all classes of any given sequence can be offered in direct succession; this is particularly true among less commonly taught languages such as Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.