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BIS Programs

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Asian Studies

The program in Asian Studies provides students an opportunity to acquire a career-oriented range of skills and knowledge of this important and unique region by choosing from a large number of courses offered at Georgia State in a range of departments. The faculty advisors for this program are Dr. Yuki Takatori from Modern and Classical Languages and from Political Science Dr. Kim Reimann .

Classical Studies

This program recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of classical studies and provides the student the opportunity of pursuing a degree in Latin language and literature in the broader context of related disciplines including history, music, philosophy, religious studies, and art history. Concentrations in Latin and the writings of authors from Antiquity, as well as an allied field in ancient civilization will enhance the student’s knowledge of classical studies and their influence. Students seeking certification for teaching Latin or those who intend to pursue graduate education in classical studies will find this program appropriate to their goals. For students interested in this program, please contact the faculty adviser, Dr. Gerard Pendrick.

Italian Studies

The Italian Studies program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the vast and varied impact Italian culture has made on the world. While emphasizing the need for students to speak fluent Italian, a variety of Italian courses and extra-curricular activities work to develop cultural fluency, or an appreciation and understanding of culture and its expression. Studying the Italian language necessarily entails analyzing Italian music, art, philosophy, history, cinema and politics. The Italian studies program provides students with the opportunity to master a language that has contributed significantly to Western literature while taking into consideration the multi-faceted nature of linguistic and cultural fluency. Through the use of Georgia State University’s two study abroad programs in Italy the student in Italian Studies receive a preparation in Italian language and culture preparing for advanced studies in Italian, the humanities in general or for entry into the workforce in fields requiring proficiency and/or knowledge of Europe and its culture. The Summer Study Abroad in Perugia is designed specifically to smooth the transition from Intermediate to an advanced level of Italian proficiency, while the Venice Echange (Ca Foscari) allows Georgia State University students to take courses at the Università di Venezia Ca’ Foscari or the affiliated Venice International University. In addition, Georgia State University’s Italian club, igiovani colti works to promote access to Italian culture to Georgia State students. In addition to organizing movie showings, outings to Atlanta’s many fine Italian restaurants and trips to the Atlanta Opera and the High Museum and conversation tables at the student center, the giovani colti attempt to inform the Georgia State University student body of other Italian activities in and around Atlanta. For additional information about the Italian program at Georgia State University, please contact Dr. Richard Keatley.