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Welcome to the Language Acquisition and Resource Center! The LARC serves the language practice needs of the more than 3000 students enrolled in GSU language classes through a wealth of digital resource materials and tutoring. A few simple guidelines can help to make the LARC a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment for everyone.


  • Use of the LARC is limited to students currently enrolled in language classes in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Applied Linguistics (IEP), and the Middle East Institute.  Faculty in these departments may also use the LARC.
  • All patrons must check in at the front desk with their Panther Card.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed in the LARC.  The first warning for a student will consist of asking them to either put their items away or throw them away.  The second warning will consist of asking the student to leave the lab.
  • Turn off all cell phones upon entry to the LARC (or set to vibrate).  Talking on a cell phone while in the LARC will not be tolerated as it is a disturbance to others.
  • All LARC materials are for in-lab use only.  Students may check out lab materials for use in the lab, but may not remove them from the lab.
  • Patrons are responsible for LARC materials checked out in their name.  Materials must be returned in the same condition in which they were checked out, otherwise the patron is responsible for the replacement cost.
  • Printing and computer resources are for language practice only.  With more than 3,000 students taking language classes and only 52 computer workstations, we cannot allow students to monopolize the resources for personal non-educational purposes.  For general web-surfing or extended email checking, please use of the of the open-access labs on campus.  Students needing to do language course-specific activities (listening, recording, etc) will have priority over students doing non-language activities.
  • Photocopying is not available in the LARC.
  • The front desk telephone is for LARC staff use only.
  • Please remember that this is an educational environment.  Speak softly and be considerate of other patrons, just as you would in a library.
  • Please clean up after yourself. When you leave the LARC, please do not leave trash on the workstation or table. 

Tutoring Policies

Because the LARC offers walk-in tutoring for multiple languages at no additional charge, some policies and guidelines were established to ensure fair and equitable access to all.

  • Private tutoring may be limited at the discretion of the tutor.  Some tutors may be working with multiple students at one time.  During peak times (right before a large exam) students may only have access to a tutor for 15 – 20 minutes.  The following practices will help make the most of your available time.
  • Plan ahead for the assistance you need.  Come prepared to show the tutor the  specific items or concepts that you’d like to cover.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to come for assistance.  Most of the language courses have common exams given on the same day. As a result, the LARC becomes very crowded on those days and tutoring becomes more limited.  If you have questions after your language class, please visit the LARC at the next possible opportunity to have them addressed.  Not only is this the best way to learn, but it also ensures that you have the answers you need before the big test.
  • Tutors will not proofread, correct or edit compositions for you.  Please see the proofreading policy for more information on how to work with the tutor on writing assignments.