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1st BA Degree

The First BA with a concentration in Teacher Education is for those who are earning their first bachelor's degree and desire to be certified to teach one of the following foreign languages:

Advising Check Sheets

All students in this program must complete all core course requirements, the language major courses, and the teacher certification courses.  

Transfer Credit

If the student has previously taken education courses or courses in the target language at the 3000/4000 level at another accredited university, it may be possible to use these toward the program We would need to review your transcripts, course descriptions, and syllabi to see if anything can be used.

Please contact the following professors to set up an appointment to evaluate your transfer courses:

 Classics (Latin) Dr. Gerard Pendrick 
 Education Dr. Peter Swanson
 French Dr. Kay Doig 
 German Dr. Robin Huff
 Spanish Dr. Oscar Moreno

    Steps for the 1st BA Teacher Education

    • Apply to GSU with your major in French, German, or Spanish with a concentration in Teacher Education.  For Classical Studies (Latin) your major in BIS Classical Studies.  
    • Students that have transfer credits from a foreign university will need to order an official evaluation of their university transcripts to be sent to the office of Admissions.  Non-native English speakers may also have to take and pass the TOEFL exam.  

    • Take all core courses and those required in the Target Language, Education, & Foreign Language Education.  Please consult the above Advising Check Sheet Areas for a complete list of required major courses.  Note that students must make a minimum grade of “B” in all of the Target Language and Foreign Language Education courses.  In order to take the Education courses and Foreign Language Education courses students must apply to the Teacher Education program.  If it has been a while since your last language course, it is recommended that you take the WebCAPE prior to taking language courses.  Depending on your score, will determine at what level you need to start.

    • Take and pass all sections of the Departmental Proficiency Exam in the Target Language studied.  Exams are given every February & October.  Students must have passed all sections of the Departmental Proficiency Exam in the Target Language prior to taking the Student Teaching.  To register for the exam please contact Dr. Swanson

    • Pass the GACE - Program Admission Assessments (Reading, Writing, & Math).  You do not have to take the GACE- Program Admission Assessment if you have one of the following:  SAT Verbal/Critical Reading & Math combined scores of 1000, ACT combined score of 43, or GRE combined score 1030 (old scale) or 297 (new scale). 
    • All teachers seeking certification in Georgia must pass the All teachers seeking certification in Georgia must pass the GACE - Content Assessments (Reading/Writing & Listening/Speaking in the target langauge) in order to be certified.  
    • The Practicum (FORL 4030) is taken your 2nd to last semester of the program and can be taken with other courses.  The Student Teaching (FORL 4061, 4062, 4063) is taken your very last semester alone.  Students must submit the below online information forms prior by February 1st for the fall semester and September 1st for the spring semester.

    • Apply for graduation at least 2 semesters in advance.