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Translation & Interpretation Program

Translation Certificate

The translation program in French, German, and Spanish is designed to develop advanced translation skill for students interested in acquiring a high level of proficiency in a specific language combination. The translation program consists of five three-hour courses, described in detail below. Students normally take these courses in sequence and must receive at least a B in each course. Upon completion of the five courses sequence students will take an exit examination. Students must receive a grade of a least a B on the exit exam in order to receive a certificate. The department reserves the right to prescribe additional courses in certain cases. Students are adviced to acquire word-processing skills prior to registration.

NOTE: The translation program is highly specialized and cannot be initiated without adequate enrollments. Thus, programs may not be offered routinely each year.

All Translation courses are offered one day a week from 5:30pm to 8pm. To check which classes are being offered during a particular semester, please click here

Course Prefix and Number

Credit Hours 

Course Title 

Course Description 



Comparative Stylistics and Advanced Translation

Introduction to professional translation based on a comparative study of characteristic modes of expression in French / German / Spanish & English and the theoretical aspects of translation. Practice in translation on non-technical texts from French / German / Spanish to English and English to French / German / Spanish.



General Translation

Translation of texts in a variety of cultural topics, documents, and computer assisted translation, methods of research and documentation, and the continued study of comparative stylistics. Prerequisite: previous course or permission of instructor.



Specialized Translation I

Business, economics and banking. Prerequisite: previous course or permission of instructor.



Specialized Translation II

Legal, medical, natural sciences, media and other. Prerequisite: previous course or permission of instructor.



Workshop on the Translation of Special Topics

Translation of texts of a technical nature, including the areas of computer, medical and the natural sciences; compilation of selected bibliographies and glossaries in the student’s chosen field of specialization and the completion of a major translation project. Prerequisite” previous course or permission of instructor.


Interpretation Certificate

This program provides professional training in both medical and legal interpretation for those who wish to become interpreters. Currently, the program is only offered in Spanish only. Admission to the program in interpretation presupposes completion of the course of study in translation, or demonstration of proficiency in written translation at a comparable level, in addition to oral proficiency in the student's source and target languages. The program involves a class in the introduction to the field of interpretation, a general interpretation class to develop skills in consecutive, simultaneous and sight interpretation, one class in medical interpretation and one class in legal interpretation (state court system). Student's progress and potential for successful completion of the program will be evaluated each semester. Students must complete all courses with a grade no lower than a "B", and must receive a score of at least a "B" on the exit examination in order to receive a certificate.

All Interpretation courses are offered on either Monday or Wednesday from 5:30pm to 8pm.

Course Prefix and Number Credit Hours  Course Title  Course Description 
SPAN 7150



Introduction to Interpretation

This course will introduce students to the field of interpretation, both consecutive and simultaneous. Students will learn protocol, how to take notes and practice with speeches from such world organizations as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and others.

SPAN 7152


Medical Interpretation

This course will focus on the protocol and procedures of the medical interpreter. Students will practice with medical texts and develop medical glossaries. Pre or co-requisite Spanish 7150.

SPAN 7154


Interpretation II

This course will focus on the development of consecutive simultaneous and sight translation at the professional level. Pre or co- requisite Spanish 7150.

SPAN 7157


State and Municipal Court Interpretation

This course will focus on the protocol and procedures followed in the state and municipal court system in Georgia. Specialized vocabulary will be presented and students will work with actual court documents. Pre or co-requisite Spanish 7150 and Spanish 7154 or permission of instructor.


NOTE:  Although individual courses in both areas are assigned graduate credit, none of the 7000-level courses listed above may be used to fulfill requirements in regular degree programs of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. All courses are required and should be taken in the prescribed sequence.

Students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate Translation and Interpretation program may take undergraduate courses. Unless students are also enrolled in an M.A. or Ph.D. program at Georgia State, they MAY NOT take 6000 or 8000 level courses.