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5th Italian Film Festival

March 24-27, 2011
Rialto Center for the Arts
FREE and open to the public

The Italian Studies section in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at Georgia State University, in collaboration with the Department of Communications - Film Studies Program and the Italian Film Festival of Miami, will conduct a week-long film festival presenting new Italian films (not released in the U.S.) in 35mm at the Rialto Center for the Arts

A special feature of this year's festival will be a showing of Fellini's La Dolce Vita in 35mm.

Title Date Time 
La Dolce Vita  24-Mar 7:00 pm 
Happy Family  25-Mar  7:00 pm 
18 Anni Dopo   25-Mar  9:00 pm 
Dieci Inverni  26-Mar  4:00 pm 
Dalla Vita in Poi  26-Mar  7:00 pm 
Ex  26-Mar  9:00 pm 
Genitori e Figli  27-Mar  1:00 pm