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MCL French Major Admitted to Sorbonne University Graduate Program

MCL French Major admitted to Sorbonne University Graduate Program

Congratulations again to Andrew Wiggins! After spending the 2011-2012 school year as a teaching assistant in a French school, he decided to prolong his stay in Paris. We are proud to announce that Andrew has just been accepted to the graduate program M1 Economie Internationale et Globalisation at the Sorbonne. He will be at the Panthéon location, in the heart of historic Paris. He will start his studies this fall.

Andrew earned his BA in French at GSU in Spring 2011.

Mr. Andrew Wiggins, a French major at GSU, has recently been awarded a teaching assistantship in France for the academic year 2011-2012. He will be working in a French high school in the Creteil area as an assistant in English classes while continuing to perfect his French. The program, administered by the French Ministry of Education, has brought English speakers to French schools for many years. For Andrew, it will be yet another study/work-abroad experience, since he has already spent time in both Canada and France.