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Graduate Foreign Language Requirement

Options offered by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Graduate Foreign Language Reading Courses

During the Fall and Spring semesters the Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers one of the following graduate foreign language reading courses: 

  • German 7151 German for Reading - Spring 2014
  • French 7151 French for Reading - Fall 2014
  • Spanish 7151 Spanish for Reading - Spring 2015

The Best Part… If you receive a B or higher in any of these courses you are exempt from taking the Graduate Foreign Language Reading Proficiency Exam.

Undergraduate Foreign Language Courses

  • The requirement may be satisfied by receiving a grade of B or higher in an appropriate foreign language course at the level of 2002, 2101 or higher taken during the M.A. or Ph.D. programs.

  • Student must meet the prerequisite requirements for 2002, 2101 or higher (1001, 1002, 1101, & 2001) OR

  • Students may test out of the prerequisite requirements via WebCAPE. This exam can only be taken once. If the student places into the 2002 level, then they will be allowed to take the course. However, the student will only be exempt from having to take the prerequisite courses and will not receive credit for them. There is no charge for this exam.

  • Foreign language courses taken during the student’s undergraduate or post baccalaureate enrollment may not be used.

CLEP (College Level Examination Placement)

  • Students who choose French, German, or Spanish may meet this requirement by achieving a Level 2 pass. It is recommended that students placing in or above 2002 on the WebCAPE take this exam.
  • Exam is administered by the University’s Testing Center

For more information go to CLEP.

Graduate Foreign Language Reading Examination

The Graduate Foreign Language Reading Examination is offered in the following languages:

  • French, German, & Spanish – offered Fall, Spring, & Summer semesters
  • Italian, Latin, Russian, & Portuguese – offered Fall & Spring semesters only

The examination will be given in Langdale Hall room 804 during the following days & times:

  • 1st Friday of September for the fall semester from 2 to 4pm
  • 1st Friday of February for the spring semester from 2 to 4pm
  • 2nd Friday of June for the summer semester from 12 to 2pm

Guidelines for taking the exam:

  • Each student will translate a passage selected by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages from the target language into English.
  • Students must supply their own blue/green books (available in the bookstore) and may use a dictionary and a grammar book.
  • The time allowed for the examination is two hours, including time for revision and correction.
  • The grade assigned will be either Pass or Fail.
  • The examinations are graded on the basis of accuracy of translation. The student must demonstrate a clear understanding of the text in his/her translation. The final product does not have to be recopied, provided it is legible.
  • The examination will be graded by faculty members in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages within approximately 10 to 15 business days of the test date.
  • The results of the examination will be sent to the student’s Graduate Director/Advisor via email. Students should not contact the Department of Modern and Classical Languages for exam results.

Take the GFLRE

Samples of past exams - French - German - Italian - Latin - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish

Check with your Graduate Director

Each department and College sets their own foreign language requirements. Make sure to do this at the beginning of your program, so that you have time to prepare. The earlier you know what is required the more options you will have.
Questions to ask:  Does my degree program require a Reading Proficiency in a Foreign Language? (If yes, which languages can be used to satisfy the requirement? Some programs will require a certain language) How many foreign languages are required for your program? (While most departments require only one there are some that require proficiency in two).