Existing Conditions

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Pedestrian Circulation Inventory

An inventory was conducted in the master plan study area to identify pedestrian routes, conflict areas, non - ADA compliant intersection ramps, pedestrian signal devices, and other issues that impact pedestrian circulation. (See Figure 3.5 on page 3.10)

Non-ADA compliant sidewalk ramp locations:

Existing Curb (no ramp exists)

  • • Peachtree Street at J.W. Dobbs Avenue
  • • J.W. Dobbs Avenue at Park Place
  • • Peachtree Street at Williams Street
  • • Peachtree Street at Five Points Island
  • • Edgewood Avenue between Hurt Plaza and Peachtree Center Avenue (north of Hurt Building at intersection with road connecting to Auburn Avenue running next to SunTrust Bank)
  • • Decatur Street at Pryor Street
  • • Peachtree Street at Wall Street
  • • Peachtree Street at Poplar Street
  • • Courtland Street at Edgewood Avenue
  • • Armstrong Street at Piedmont Avenue

Outdated ramp design

  • • Peachtree Street at Luckie Street
  • • Central Avenue at Wall Street
  • • Peachtree Center Avenue at Hurt Plaza
  • • Wall Street at Pryor Street

Crosswalk Issues

  • • Fairlie Street at Luckie Street- crosswalk markings are faded
  • • Park Place South at Auburn Avenue- crosswalk markings do not exist along south leg due to treatment with decorative pavers.
  • • Decatur Street at Central Avenue / Peachtree Center Avenue- crosswalk markings are old and faded