Existing Conditions

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The Street Network

A major objective of the Georgia State Master Plan Update is to support transportation patterns that encourage pedestrian traffic and mass transit. Vehicular and pedestrian circulation throughout the campus is primarily defined and controlled by the downtown Atlanta street system. This existing pattern of gridded streets and how they connect creates a natural hierarchy and function for mobility in the campus study area. In general, traffic flow on the north-south streets is one-way, while traffic on the east-west streets moves in two directions. With no defined campus street system, campus traffic shares the roadways with non-campus (downtown) traffic. In addition, the grid provides pedestrian circulation within the campus study area. Sidewalks are located along most
arterial, collector, and local streets within the campus study area.

The City of Atlanta Office of Transportation is responsible for monitoring, operating, and maintaining the City’s streetlights, traffic control devices and systems to ensure the safe, efficient, and environmentally sensitive movement
of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.