Existing Conditions

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Peachtree Street

Image 3.16 Peachtree Street is a primary north / south collector moving large volumes of downtown traffic. Improvements have been made to enhance the visual character and increase pedestrian safety.

Decatur Street

Image 3.17 Decatur Street

Functional Classification of Streets

Downtown streets around the Georgia State campus are functionally classified as arterial, collector, or local streets by GDOT on the Fulton County Functional Classification Map. Most downtown streets are classified as arterial streets. The exceptions are Peachtree, J.W. Dobbs, Ellis Streets and Peachtree Center Avenue north of Edgewood Avenue, which are collector streets. The basic purpose of an arterial is to provide for through traffic movements between areas or across a city. Direct access, though subject to control, is provided to adjoining properties. Collector streets provide for the movement of vehicles between arterials and local streets with direct access to adjoining property. These streets complete the connections between major downtown access points and the interstate system. (See Images 3.16 and 3.17)