Existing Conditions

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Decatur Streetscape Improvements

Image 3.18 Decatur Streetscape Improvements Decatur Street, which acts as Georgia State’s “Main Street” will, along with Piedmont Avenue, undergo improvements totalling $3 million. These much needed enhancements will include the addition of street trees, benches, lighting and signage and are slated for completion in 2007.

Changes to the Street Network

Several changes to the road network are underway that will help achieve the goals of the Georgia State Master Plan:

Decatur and Piedmont Streetscape Improvements

Georgia State will implement pedestrian improvements along Decatur Street and Piedmont Avenue. These corridors were identified by the City Center LCI and the Georgia State Master Plan as critical to enhancing the character of the campus and its immediate vicinity.

Three million dollars has been secured to implement the improvements along Decatur Street between Peachtree Street and Jesse Hill Jr. Drive and along Piedmont Avenue from the Georgia State MARTA rail station to John Wesley Dobbs Avenue. The project is anticipated to begin in 2006 and to be complete by 2007.

Planned improvements for the corridors include:

  • • The replacement of existing concrete sidewalks and granite curbs
    • The installation of streetscape elements such as street trees and landscaping, benches near street corners, pedestrian-scale lighting fixtures and incorporation of aesthetic sidewalk surface treatments (See Image 3.18)
    • An upgrade of pedestrian safety elements including crosswalk striping and pedestrian signals
    • Improvements to address the coexistence of automobile traffic and pedestrians, barriers that impede pedestrian flow and way finding