Existing Conditions

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Summary of Pedestrian and Transportation Issues

Following are observations and recommendations by the team for improving access and circulation on campus:

  • 1. From the Georgia State MARTA Station - There are two small signs pointing to the Georgia State campus. There is no campus map or other information posted to direct pedestrians to campus. Presently, it feels like a back door. This area could be a physical and informational gateway to Georgia State . City reinvestment in Five Points is a key element to solving this issue.
  • 2. Piedmont serves as the primary pedestrian path to campus buildings from the Georgia State MARTA Station. Future development west of the Georgia State MARTA station could incorporate pedestrian walkways to Courtland Avenue and to Collins Street (below Courtland).
  • 3. Collins Street – This area functions as a service drive and access to G Deck. Pedestrians use this undefined public space. Presently, Collins dead ends at the rail tracks.
  • 4. The pedestrian crossing from University Center to the Library Plaza is poorly defined by the present design of the street. The university Center entrance, one-way traffic, a heavy volume of motor vehicles moving at high speeds and other factors contribute to this poor definition. The crossing is a primary access point for a significant amount of pedestrians.
  • 5. Campus Sidewalks - Sidewalks are in average to poor condition, varying in width from 7’ to 12’ along major streets. The sidewalks on the north side of Edgewood Avenue are in the poorest condition and are approximately 6’ wide. Edgewood Avenue has the potential to serve as a pedestrian edge or gateway to the campus.
  • 6. University Center, Urban Life, and Student Center – It is possible to go from Piedmont Avenue and Decatur Street through the Urban Life Building to reach the Student Center. The Student Center loading dock prevents direct access from Piedmont Avenue to the Gilmer and Collins streets plaza area. This block has a lot of connectivity on the edges, but there is little definition to the spaces and only those familiar with the campus will find and use this route.
  • 7. Pedestrians were regularly observed crossing Gilmer Street at various points between Piedmont Avenue and Courtland Street. A safe, signaled crossing space is needed.
  • 8. Potential pedestrian-vehicle conflict zones on the north side of Decatur Street (service entrances adjacent to Decks N and K).
  • 9. Crosswalk Issues – Many crosswalks have outdated signals and push buttons, faded markings, outdated ramps or no ramps. Primarily located along Decatur Street at Central Avenue / Peachtree Center Avenue and Pryor Street / Park Place, there is an overall lack of stop bar markings. Decatur Street at Jesse Hill Drive currently has stop bars; however, this
    is one of only two or three locations with stop bars.
  • 10. Improvements to the Five Points MARTA station are necessary to foster a safer and more pedestrian friendly environment. This issue has impact beyond the university, and the City of Atlanta must take the lead in this important revitalization effort.