Existing Conditions

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Parking Services

Existing Parking Capacity

Georgia State provides more than 5,900 parking spaces for faculty, employees, visitors and students in ten surface lots, five parking decks, and four leased parking areas on and around campus. The surface lots provide 400 spaces, the parking decks have almost 3,600 spaces, and leased parking provides 1,500 spaces. (See Figure 3.7 on page 16) Spaces are generally available in decks N and K on the east side, but are more limited on the western edge.

Other Parking Facilities

There is also a broad selection of commercial parking in the campus district. While this investigation does not attempt to quantify the space count in the district’s commercial lots, it demonstrates availability and distribution. (See Figure 3.7 on page 3.16)

Parking Revenue

Parking fees and permits generate approximately $2.6 million annually. Examples of the types and amounts of parking fees follow:

  • • $6.00 without a parking permit
  • • $4.50 per entry with a valid parking permit
  • • $3.50 per entry with a valid parking permit and a Parking Budget Card
  • • $2.25 per entry after 4 PM in all decks and lots
  • • $18.00 per semester for motorcycles / mopeds at G deck
  • • $85.00 per month in the Lofts Deck for Lofts tenants (24/7 overnight parking)
  • • $200.00 per semester in the Lofts Deck for non-tenants
  • • $200.00 per semester in the M Deck (awarded via the M Deck lottery)
  • • Free student parking at Turner Field’s Blue lot (provided through the Student Transportation Fee for registered vehicles with a valid parking permit).

Georgia State offers a guaranteed semester parking permit for $200.00. This permit is offered on a lottery basis.

Georgia State provides free shuttle service from Turner Field’s blue lot to campus buildings. This route operates on a frequency of ten to fifteen minutes from 7:00 A.M. to 10:30 P.M.

Rules and Regulations

Only currently enrolled students and employees of the university may register vehicles to park on-campus. Students who wish to park on-campus are required to register their vehicles online via the parking web site at: www.gsu.edu/parking. Faculty and staff may register their vehicles and obtain a parking permit in person at Auxiliary and Support Services.