Existing Conditions

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Panthersville Outdoor Athletic Facilities

This property accommodates most of the university’s larger athletic and recreational facilities: NCAA men’s baseball, women’s softball, men’s and women’s soccer, and multi-purpose fields for Georgia State intramural softball and soccer.

Natural Features on the Site
  • • Densely wooded zones around the Language Research Center provide a natural boundary between recreational fields and adjacent neighborhoods.
  • • The South River traverses the property from west to east.
  • • A portion of the site is in the 100-year flood plain area. There are also wetlands associated with the river and its tributaries.
Usage and Development Issues:
  • • There appears to be a parking deficiency to serve major sporting events.
  • • Arrival and entry to the property is not clearly marked.
  • • Athletic fields are disconnected from parking and service facilities.
  • • There is opportunity for additional development in areas where the topography is gentle and out of the floodplain areas.
  • • Because much of the property is currently inaccessible, development would require significant infrastructure construction.
  • • The Language Research Center is plagued by an inadequate septic system and should be connected to the county sewer system.
Neighboring Land Use

Surrounding land uses include residential neighborhoods to the north and south, farmlands to the west, and DeKalb College property to the east. A segment of land, devoted to motor vehicle training (Georgia DOT), separates the intramural fields.