Existing Conditions

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Athletic & Recreational Programs

The Georgia State athletics program includes seventeen teams, seven male and eight female:

  • • men’s and women’s basketball
  • • men’s and women’s cross country
  • • men’s and women’s golf
  • • men’s and women’s soccer
  • • men’s and women’s tennis
  • • men’s baseball
  • • women’s softball
  • • women’s volleyball
  • • men’s and women’s track

Georgia State currently competes at the NCAA Division I level in the Colonial Athletic Association (as of July 1, 2005).

The Athletic Department will be conducting a feasibility study during 2005-2006 to determine whether or not Georgia State should add football as a varsity sport. If it is decided to add football, the university may consider adding or dropping other sports.

In addition, an organized program of intramural sports between classes and student organizations is conducted as an integral part of the program of health and physical education. (See Image 3.24)

Panther Express

Image 3.24 Panthersville Athletic Complex The baseball fields and other facilities at Panthersville are in need of improvements. A projected budget estimate for these improvements is included in Chapter 6 of this report.