Existing Conditions

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Softball use is currently limited due to remote location of fields at Panthersville. Georgia State owns the softball facility. The women’s softball team, as well as men’s, women’s and mixed intramural teams all share the fields. Use is heaviest on the weekends.

Women’s Team:

  • Game hours per week = 3 hours
  • Practice hours per week = 10 hours

Academic: None currently


  • 1.5 hours per week x 15 games = 23 hours (spring)
  • 36 total hours/week
  • 41.4 total projected hours/week

Present need: one field

Projected need:

  • Two fields based on more than one game being under way at a given time for intramurals. If softball facility were adjacent to downtown campus, additional games would probably be scheduled due to convenience.