Existing Conditions

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Building Codes

Height and Area Restrictions

Plans and specifications must be prepared in accordance with all state laws and code requirements. In addition, they shall conform to the Safety Fire Commissioner of the State of Georgia requirements, which are the National Fire Code as published by the National Fire Protection Association including the Life Safety Code. Building systems that connect to the combined sewer system are subject to certain City of Atlanta codes.

In addition to the Standard Building Code requirements, the Board of Regents (BOR) requires all projects to comply with the criteria set forth in the Building Project Procedure document. This document is currently under revision but the latest version is dated June 30, 1990. It states that all buildings are required to be Type I or Type II construction as set forth in the Georgia State Building Code (SBCCI 1994). Maximum allowable building height and area are unlimited for educational occupancy classifications. The BOR also requires that a hazardous substance survey be completed before demolition begins in all renovations.