Existing Conditions

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Accessibility Compliance

All new and existing facilities must comply with the A.D.A.A.G Federal Accessibility Act to the greatest extent possible.

In 1996 there was a concentrated effort to bring the Sports Arena into compliance for persons with disabilities. Among the improvements were designated seating, rest room upgrades, telephone upgrades, and general circulation and entrance upgrades. However, many other buildings on campus have barriers in place that impede access.

The most common upgrades needed are door redesign (including hardware replacement), rest room redesign, telephone, drinking fountain, and signage replacements.

There are buildings which require more thorough redesign efforts. Some of the specialty classrooms in the Art and Humanities Building are not accessible, and some classes cannot be offered to some disabled students. Some bookstand stacks in the university Center are not accessible. Circulation on campus needs to be studied as there are many barriers preventing access from parking spaces through plazas and walks and between buildings.

Georgia State completed a campus-wide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) review in 1996, and is currently updating this information. The university is slowly implementing a program of compliance with limited funding from the Board of Regents.