Existing Conditions

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Building Condition Survey

The university’s buildings were examined from several perspectives at varied levels of detail in the Master Plan Update process. The planning team collected and evaluated space statistics from a quantitative point of view. Participants visually surveyed each building, evaluating general functionality and physical condition. Approximately 850 classrooms, teaching laboratories, and research laboratories were individually assessed on a range of qualitative measures. (See Table 3.1)

There are more than 50 buildings on campus, with an average age of 47 years; each exhibiting problems typical to its age, including needed mechanical and life safety system upgrades, and changes fulfilling ADA compliance requirements. Many of the buildings were not originally designed as instructional facilities.

A summary of findings listed by building can be found on pages 3.26 through 3.41 of this section. A separate volume addresses individual spaces in detail, Qualitative Analysis of Georgia State Classroom and Laboratory Space.